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First of all, I know what it’s like to feel unhappy in the body you inhabit. I spent decades dieting and trying out virtually every new fad on the market. From Audrey Eyton’s F-Plan Diet (if you’re a certain age you’ll remember it), to the Atkins Diet, Dukan Diet, Fast Diet, GI Diet, the Sweet Poison Quit Plan, as well as several slimming groups and even celebrity offerings – yes, that’s you Cameron Diaz and Lisa Riley. I also voluntarily underwent hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

And did they help? Well, for a while some of them did. Others certainly did not and the stomach pains, migraines and actual vomiting could have been totally avoided if I’d only realised what I know now that diets don’t work but healthy living does.

It was a disjointed journey getting to this point in my life but I’m so thrilled with the outcome. Having lost 3st to reach a very healthy weight and developed sustainable habits along the way, I feel at peace in my body and the mental torture of being unhappy with my weight and size has vanished. I eat healthily now without undue pressure, rigid rules or deprivation. Eating is the background to how I live life, not the forefront of every waking thought.

How did I get here? I drew on the learning from all my experiences and out of this emerged my unique 6-Step ESCAPE plan which forms the WEIGHT ESCAPE Programme. It serves me brilliantly every day and has enriched my life immensely.

I’d love it to do the same for you.


Jennifer Hampson Chartered FCIPD, Dip. Coaching, Cert. Nutrition


What Qualifies Jennifer to Deliver a Wellbeing and Weight Management Programme?

  1. Empathy – Jennifer truly understands what it’s like to feel miserable about your weight and empathises with everyone who feels that way
  2. 30 years’ professional HR experience – specialising in people development across the UK and internationally
  3. Chartered Fellow (FCIPD) of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – the highest qualification award
  4. Qualified, highly experienced Coach and Trainer – who has helped thousands of clients achieve their personal growth and transformation goals
  5. Certified in Nutrition from St. Mary’s University London and an accomplished cook
  6. Health, nutrition and wellbeing expert on radio – since 2011, Jennifer has presented a live, weekly, 2-hour Lifestyle Show

Jennifer is passionate about helping people reach their goals and achieve even more than they feel they’re capable of. It provides her with the ultimate sense of fulfilment knowing she has made a positive difference to another person’s life.