Break free.
Live better.

WEIGHT ESCAPE is a 12-week weight and wellbeing programme that will help you eat better, lose weight, become physically fitter, mentally stronger and transform your habits for lasting change.


It’s our unique 6-Step ESCAPE Plan for overhauling your lifestyle – for good.

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Nurturing nutrition. For life.

Break free from yo-yo dieting and fad diets. Free yourself from the torment of having a poor relationship with food.

Adopt our 8 Principles of Nurturing Nutrition – scientifically sound recommendations for eating well, naturally.

Physical and mental wellbeing. For strength of body and mind.

Encouragement to move a little more each day and track your progress. Expert guidance on boosting your mental health and building resilience. Tips for creating daily habits that bring joy and fulfilment.

Prioritising yourself. Becoming your own best friend.

Essential for long-term success. We’ll explain what this actually means and practical ways to achieve it.

Support all the way. From an expert coach. Daily.

Your success is our priority. We’ll do everything in our power to enable you to succeed and change your life for the better. You’ll be guided and encouraged – with tailored, expert, one-to-one support.


A healthier body, habits and outlook on life.

New skills and knowledge to serve you well. Forever.

  1. Improved physical health – e.g. fitter, slimmer, sleeping better, increased energy
  2. Stronger mental health – more in control of your eating, more at ease in your body, better equipped to tackle stress
  3. Greater self-esteem – confidence and feelings of self-worth

A short-term cost for a long-term investment in your future. 

What our clients say about WEIGHT ESCAPE:

Julie A — After being given a recommendation to try Weight Escape, I made the decision to join 8 weeks ago when my weight reached the heaviest I’d ever been and I was in a very bad place mentally and physically – I could hardly walk to the end of my road due to a back injury and I felt really depressed and my self-esteem was non-existent. Today I am 18lbs lighter and my weight is going down each week . . .  …. read more

Rachel CRight from the start of the Weight Escape programme I felt motivated, encouraged and supported. Compared to the past when I started on a new weight loss journey then stopped, this time it felt very different – in no way was I on a diet. I’m just consciously eating and making it all count! This has become my mantra . . .   …. read more

Lisa B — After struggling with weight for the last 5 years and the decision to finally do something about it, I decided to try the Weight Escape course. I am a Type 1 diabetic that wears an insulin pump. My control has improved and I have reduced the overall daily level of insulin required. I hope to continue on this journey and with the encouragement of Jennifer, I will get to where I want to be….   …. read more

Jackie SI’m delighted with the results I’m achieving on the Weight Escape Programme. Having been one of those people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, I have found Jennifer’s programme to be like a breath of fresh air… Jennifer’s ability to deliver informative and rational advice in a personal and practical ‘down-to-earth’ manner, building on both her own knowledge, qualifications and experiences make this a truly ‘real approach’. . .   …. read more

WEIGHT ESCAPE support doesn’t stop after 3 months. You can join WEIGHT ESCAPE SUSTAIN for ongoing support, motivation and inspiration to sustain long term success.

Choose the Programme for You

£35 per month
Total £105

Full access to our unique 6-Step ESCAPE plan
  Daily articles to inform, motivate and educate
 Highly convenient and accessible way to learn
 Online coaching support from Jennifer
  Group support from colleagues in your cohort
  Goal-setting and progress tracking
  Sound nutrition advice through Weight Escape’s 8 Principles of Nurturing Nutrition
  Delicious recipes for boosting confidence in the kitchen
  Learning for lifelong benefit

£185 per month
Total £555




6 x fortnightly 45-minute coaching sessions with Jennifer via Zoom or telephone