How It Works

WEIGHT ESCAPE is based on a unique 6-Step ESCAPE Plan

 Here’s a preview:

E stablish your reasons for change and reinforce them daily
S uss out what your body needs (not your mind)
C reate daily habits that bring joy and fulfilment
A dd physical & mental activity to boost health and wellbeing
P rioritise yourself and become your own best friend
E at well for life

Nurturing Nutrition is the core thread that runs through the programme. But good health also goes beyond what we eat. The 6-Step ESCAPE plan uniquely addresses much broader physical health and mental wellbeing topics – inspiring, educating and encouraging you to make lifestyle changes to enrich the quality of your day-to-day living and create a happier, healthier you.

The 6 steps are addressed in detail over the 10-week programme, enabling you to relate them directly to your own lifestyle. We’ll take it one step at a time, at a pace that’s realistic and achievable, so that you feel supported all the way.

What else do you get? 

Individual and Group Support
You’ll be personally supported by Jennifer Hampson, the founder of WEIGHT ESCAPE. Unlike generic ‘corporate-style’ programmes which often offer standardised responses, you’ll be supported by Jennifer, a qualified, empathetic, experienced coach with a 30-year track record of success in coaching individuals.

Group support is also available from fellow ‘escapees’ in your small cohort through a private, closed group. You can participate to the extent that you’re comfortable with – sharing successes, challenges, questions and suggestions – for joint benefit. In the event of you commencing a programme on a date without other participants, you’ll receive extra one-to-one coaching support from Jennifer.

Goal-setting and Progress Tracking
You’ll be guided in the vital step of setting personal goals for yourself. You’ll have tracking systems to monitor your progress and achievements. You’ll receive encouragement throughout the 10 weeks to help you maintain motivation and move away from an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach.

No-one’s perfect! It’s normal to have an occasional mishap along the way but you’ll be equipped with strategies and support to get back up and going again – in the right direction towards your goals.

Creating Good Habits
You’ll learn how to form lasting habits around a whole range of physical and mental wellbeing behaviours. For example, eating, exercise, sleep, dealing with stress, building resilience and being kind to yourself are all covered.

Unlike many online programmes, WEIGHT ESCAPE is so much more than a weight-loss programme. It takes a much broader approach to your health than concentrating solely on what you eat. It’s more personal too.

Sound Nutrition Guidance
Rest assured that WEIGHT ESCAPE is fad-free and free from counting calories/points/SYNS or whatever else you might have counted to date!

WEIGHT ESCAPE’S 8 Principles of Nurturing Nutrition’ are scientifically sound and easy to implement recommendations for healthy eating, with lots of guidance to help you succeed.

I believe that food is to be savoured and enjoyed!

Recipes and Tips for Eating Well
Every Saturday, you’ll receive an ongoing supply of easy-to-prepare, nourishing recipes. You’ll be able to rustle up delicious, satisfying meals and build your confidence in the kitchen.

You’ll know exactly what’s gone into your meals and you’ll be encouraged to save time and minimise effort by bulk-cooking and freezing where possible, to ensure you always have healthy food at hand – not just for you, but your whole family or household can benefit too!

Learning for Lifelong Benefit
The rich content – daily articles from Monday to Friday for 10 weeks (50 in total) plus recipes on Saturdays – will provide you with new knowledge, tips, suggestions, techniques, skills and habits that you’ll be able to apply straightaway and continue using and developing over the longer-term.

WEIGHT ESCAPE is not intended to be a short-term quick fix – it’s a thoroughly designed, workable way to live a healthy, contented life – long-term.


WEIGHT ESCAPE is a personal approach to helping you achieve a positive approach to your weight and wellbeing. By this I mean that the 6-Step programme has been created by someone – me, Jennifer Hampson – who has struggled with her weight since childhood, tried virtually every diet going, and finally found a way forward for living life healthily and contentedly.

Jennifer’s personal insights, openness about her experiences (both good and bad), empathy, and one-to-one coaching support makes the programme content engaging, relatable and achievable.

Who is the WEIGHT ESCAPE Programme for?

If you’re ready to make changes to the way you live your life and you want to become healthier, fitter and happier in yourself, then it’s for you. 

You’ve probably tried several attempts at diets and maybe yo-yoed for years. You’re fed up with feeling less than you should and now you want a combination of inspiration, education and encouragement and are prepared to take action to achieve life-enhancing results. There’s nothing stopping you physically or mentally from embarking on the journey.

The programme is open to adults aged 18+ and is suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters.

What We Believe at WEIGHT ESCAPE

 1.  You deserve to feel good in your body

 2.  Changing ingrained habits takes commitment, effort and perseverance but the results are unimaginably worthwhile

 3.  Self-care is essential for living life whole-heartedly, healthily and happily

4.  Being kind to ourselves is fundamental to living well

Choose the Programme for You



  Full access to our unique 6-Step ESCAPE plan
  Daily articles to inform, motivate and educate
 Highly convenient and accessible way to learn
 Online coaching support from Jennifer
  Group support from colleagues in your cohort
  Goal-setting and progress tracking
  Sound nutrition guidance 
  8 Principles of Nurturing Nutrition
  Delicious recipes for boosting confidence in the kitchen
  Learning for lifelong benefit






5 x fortnightly 45-minute coaching sessions with Jennifer via video or telephone