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Our life-enhancing, transformative 6-week WEIGHT ESCAPE Programme with ongoing long-term support takes place in Warminster, Wiltshire.

Meeting once a week for two hours, including social time at the start with drinks and a taster of a healthy recipe, you’ll be with people just like you who want to improve their wellbeing and recognise that eating habits form a very important part of this.

The programme is based on my unique 6-point ESCAPE plan for breaking free from destructive, unhelpful habits and replacing them with positive alternatives.

The core thread that runs through the entire programme is ‘Nurturing Nutrition’. Fad-free and focused on wholesome nutritious food, each informative session builds on the previous one so that by week 6 you’ll be better equipped to eat well for life.

But there’s so much more to eating well than good intentions. Life can derail us, stress can lead to comfort eating, one bad choice can throw you ‘off the wagon’ for days or weeks. I know! I’ve been there myself and I know what it feels like to despair about your weight. We blame ourselves for our lack of willpower, our weakness, and ‘failing’ yet again at another diet.

Weight Escape is the positive alternative to dieting. It helped me lose 3st and gain a fuller, richer, more contented life.

You’ll be helped to set personal wellbeing goals (and, perhaps surprisingly, these are not simply about reaching a target weight). Over the course of the programme we’ll examine the role of being our own best friend and what this means in practice. We’ll address strategies for tackling stress – so often raised as the reason for over-eating. We’ll work on how to build resilience so that we can cope better with all the ups and downs life throws at us. We’ll cover good ‘sleep hygiene’ and why it matters for good health. Physical exercise is another of our topics, plus the importance of daily habits that bring joy and fulfilment.


You recognise that it’s time to put yourself first and do something just for you. You want to make changes to the way you live your life and become healthier, fitter and happier in yourself. You’re hoping for immediate impact as well as longer-term, lasting benefit.

You’ve probably tried several attempts at diets and maybe yo-yoed for years. You’re fed up with feeling less than you should and now you want a combination of inspiration, education and encouragement and are prepared to take action to achieve life-enhancing results. You’re ready for the journey.

Regardless of your current level of physical fitness, size, weight and eating habits, you’ll be warmly welcomed and supported in your desire to reach your weight and wellbeing goals.

The programme is open to all adults aged 18+.


Weight Escape is a 6-week weight and wellbeing programme for adults with the option of ongoing longer-term support. Its foundation is my unique 6-point ESCAPE plan based on self-care and the core theme running through the programme is ‘Nurturing Nutrition’. Topics are explored in facilitated, interactive weekly group sessions and taken forward through personal action plans to create long-lasting lifestyle benefits.

You can expect to be treated like an adult. You have the choice to ‘weigh-in’ or not. If it helps to ‘be held to account’ then by all means weigh-in and keep track of your weight. If you’d rather not, then that’s a perfectly valid choice too. The decision is yours.

I promise you’ll be welcomed, supported and encouraged in a caring, non-judgmental way.

The programme content is underpinned by science and research, most definitely not quackery and fads. Unlike many other organisations, we interlink weight and wellbeing rather than a narrow focus only on diet. We also explore in greater depth the reasons why we eat and how to create healthier habits around food and a sense of contented control.


Weight Escape is not a deprivational weightloss programme with punishing rules about what you can and can’t eat. Neither is it a counselling or therapy programme. Weight Escape is led by a knowledgeable, passionate, qualified professional, dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for you in taking charge of your self-care, weight and wellbeing.


The next Weight Escape Programme of 2020 will be published in due course. All new Programmes are temporarily postponed in light of the Government’s coronavirus guidance.

How to Book

Weight Escape Programmes run throughout the year with various start dates and session timings (both morning and evening). Contact Jennifer if you would like details.