What participants say about WEIGHT ESCAPE:

After being given a recommendation to try Weight Escape, I made the decision to join 8 weeks ago when my weight reached the heaviest I’d ever been and I was in a very bad place mentally and physically – I could hardly walk to the end of my road due to a back injury and I felt really depressed and my self-esteem was non-existent. Today I am 18lbs lighter and my weight is going down each week. I am enjoying cooking and eating healthy, nutritious food, walking 10,000 (sometimes more) steps most days and really feeling comfortable within myself for the first time. It’s been a fantastic experience and one that I would encourage anyone to embrace – Jennifer is an inspiration and the way she has made me feel through her different approach to weight, food and wellbeing is remarkable. I would totally recommend this course.

Julie A.

I’m delighted with the results I’m achieving on the Weight Escape Programme. Having been one of those people who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off, I have found Jennifer’s programme to be like a breath of fresh air… Jennifer’s ability to deliver informative and rational advice in a personal and practical ‘down-to-earth’ manner, building on both her own knowledge, qualifications and experiences make this a truly ‘real approach’. You don’t have to buy into commercial concepts. You just have to learn how to be kind to yourself, lighten up on your guilt and know that once you re-focus your energies on living the best life you can, both emotionally and physically, then like me you won’t have to ‘think about food all the time’ ever again…

The programme itself is well thought out, easy to follow and understand and encourages you to build on successes as you go with plenty of ideas, recipes and inspiration along the way. These days, whenever I’m asked for the secret of my success, I enthusiastically share Jennifer’s wonderful programme ‘Weight Escape’ and would encourage you to give it a try for yourself because both you and the programme are well worth it. Thanks Jennifer!

Jackie S.

Right from the start of the Weight Escape programme I felt motivated, encouraged and supported. Compared to the past when I started on a new weight loss journey then stopped, this time it felt very different – in no way was I on a diet. I’m just consciously eating and making it all count! This has become my mantra. For me, it means always sitting down to eat, eating slowly and mindfully without distractions, and savouring every bite! I make considered decisions – planning the day ahead whether it be food, meals, shopping or my ‘to do’ list. The recipes have inspired me to cook more and add lots of variety and colours to my food. I’ve been delighted with the different dishes I’ve made and surprised by how much I’ve actually enjoyed cooking.

Weight Escape has encouraged me to address my overall wellbeing and I now allow ‘me time’ without guilt. I’ve developed a much more positive attitude which not only benefits me but makes me a better person for everyone else. I’ve discovered that a positive attitude is the root from which good things grow. When my wellbeing is strong then my cooking is good, and my weight loss follows suit. Another change is that I’ve become even more active – prioritising regular early morning runs as well as amazing walks in the local countryside. The programme is fantastic and I looked forward every single week to learning more about the 6-Step ESCAPE plan that it’s based on and how I could apply it practically to my daily life. It’s made such a difference.

Rachel C.

After struggling with weight for the last 5 years and the decision to finally do something about it, I decided to try the Weight Escape course. I’d never attended any other sessions so was a little nervous about the whole thing. Jennifer is so easy to listen to and I began to relax almost immediately. She seemed to understand the many frustrations we had and I came away from the first session eager to learn more and go back!

I am now halfway through the course and the weight is beginning to head in the right direction but this course isn’t just about weight loss. With the recipes I’ve been given to try, I have started to cook again (after decades of just not bothering) and the meals are delicious.

I am a Type 1 diabetic that wears an insulin pump. My control has improved and I have reduced the overall daily level of insulin required. I hope to continue on this journey and with the encouragement of Jennifer, I will get to where I want to be…

Lisa B.

My experience with Weight Escape is that it has given me a more positive outlook on life. I was at a stage in my life where I had been to various slimming clubs. The outcome was always the same. Good start, trailing off to weight gain, then back I’d go again.

What I needed was total restructuring of my attitude and ability to discipline myself to a routine which works for me. Jennifer’s knowledge of her subject comes over in a friendly, positive and professional manner. She has helped me get back on track with my daily life.

I have certainly been more positive in my routine and feel happier with myself since attending her sessions. They are friendly, informative, structured and a pleasure to attend*.

*Face-to-face sessions in Wiltshire prior to Covid-19

Margaret D.

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