Upon completion of the programme, you can opt into an ongoing monthly support group.

The purpose of the longer-term support sessions is to:

  • provide accessible ongoing support, encouragement, inspiration and guidance to help you maintain your good habits
  • share up-to-date information and new findings related to our wellbeing and weight management themes
  • provide a social network/friendship group so that you can come together and share your stories, successes and challenges
  • give you the choice of weighing-in or not as I recognise that some of you thrive on being held to account while others might be deterred from it. I’ll treat you as adults and let you decide month-by-month.


I believe it’s hugely valuable to be able to meet in person so the monthly support group will be held in a local location to make it easy for you to get to.


The monthly ongoing support is a two-hour session, including social time, refreshments and optional weigh-in before we commence.


£25 per month payable in advance by direct debit. This entitles you to attend every month and enjoy ongoing membership of Weight Escape and all its benefits.