Your Reason Why


When I yo-yo dieted (for decades), I’d embark on yet another ‘miracle diet’ with hope and expectation for a miraculous weight loss. Sometimes I can’t bear to think of the amount of time I dedicated to reading about newly launched diets, scrutinising their details and formulating my personal action plan. This usually involved meal planning, food shopping, recording every morsel that passed my lips, saying no to what I wanted, weighing myself and worrying about the outcome, feeling victorious in the first few days and weeks (in some cases) while all was going well, then suddenly, virtually with no warning at all, giving in to an urgent, forceful craving, and experiencing the panic, despair and disgust as I fell off the wagon yet again – sometimes for days, often for weeks or longer.

It all sounds exhausting… and it was.

What I realise now is that my ‘reason why’ – my motivation – wasn’t clearly enough established and so it didn’t sustain me when the going got tough. I thought the reason for dieting was clear – I usually wanted to reach a particular weight – but I eventually figured out this doesn’t work.

For me, what worked was transforming my thinking and asking myself the same question over and over again – “And what will that do for me?”, “And when that happens, what will that do for me?” By going deeper, you delve into why you think you want to be slimmer/ lighter/ healthier… And you discover the real underlying reason, and precisely how you’ll ultimately benefit from taking action.

And I’d urge you to steer yourself away from making your main goal a weight-related one. For me, I finally worked out that I NEEDED to address the mental torture that was going on in my head because of my dissatisfaction with the size of my body and the restrictions it placed on my life.

So, my ‘reason why’ emerged. I worked out, very specifically, that my motivation for change was to enable me ‘to live life to the full, healthily and happily, ready for every new opportunity’. If an unexpected holiday invitation suddenly arose to fly off at short notice to some gorgeous, hot destination, I wanted to embrace it – with no immediate fear about what my body would look like in a swimsuit and how much time was available to diet manically until the departure day. And it wasn’t just the threat of a holiday (isn’t that mad when a ‘normal’ person would be thrilled) but many more occasions. A spa break. An invitation to meet up with old friends who hadn’t seen me in ages. A party to dress up for. I wanted to feel ready and excited about each and every occasion and I did, initially for about two minutes, before a sense of panic would always take over about my size.

Successfully establishing my ‘reason why’ has served me well – because I don’t want to miss out on any aspect of life – and this continues to provide me with ongoing, daily motivation to maintain my healthy lifestyle changes.

I cover this in more detail in my Weight Escape Programme. If you can relate to my experience and you’re still struggling with food and want to find a way out, take the first step by joining me on my next programme. It would be a privilege to help you on your transformation journey.